Vision & Mision

Our vision is creating an elaborate network of companies, responsible employers, available jobs and qualified candidates in order to improve business growth and the quality of life in Germany as well as in the Balkan countries.

If our clients/employers want to achieve positive organizational change and competitive advantage, we are here to ensure this by offering deeper and faster access to an outstanding community of candidates.

If our clients/employees want a possibility of working and living abroad and securing a better future for their families, we are here to ensure this too.


The idea for establishing Tawaya originates from an extensive market research of the employment data both in Germany and the Balkans. The results of the research have given us an insight into the recruitment process in both regions, enabled us to find the solution to the existing problem and accomplish a win-win situation for both sides.

On one side, there is an excess of qualified workers in the Balkan countries. Due to a high unemployment rate in the mentioned countries, most job seekers have a little or no chance to find a suitable and fulfilling job. Tawaya helps them pursue their career in Germany by providing them with an appropriate job offer in accordance with their education, skills and expertise.

On the other side, Germany has a labour shortage and therefore an insufficient number of qualified candidates to fill the demands of employment. Tawaya helps reducing the shortage by supplying the German labour market with the needed workforce.