How It Works

We understand the importance of providing the right person for the right position. Our ability to conduct an intelligent recruitment process stems from an outstanding combination of market insight and competitor knowledge.

The process of recruitment is conducted through several steps.






STEP 1 - Identifying vacancy

We work closely together with our clients to identify the attitude, skills and experience needed for the vacant job position. In order to conduct a successful placement of candidates, we endeavour to gather as much background information as possible.



STEP 2 - Searching


We search for the candidates using online and print advertising, candidate database and referrals.

We also utilize our personal network of candidates.



STEP 3 - Selecting


Our local branches personally find the perfect matching candidates and work closely together with local authorities such as the ministry of labour and internationally accredited language institutions to check the work qualifications.



STEP 4 - Shortlisting


The best candidates are shortlisted and interviewed.

The interview is held either face-to-face or online via Skype.


STEP 5 - Hiring


The successful candidate is given a job offer. However, our job is not done yet. We also assist the employees in the transition process to Germany – the assistance with visa acquirement, the relocation to Germany.


Assisting employees


We help the employees with the integration into the German way of life. If the employer requests, a mentor is present in Germany in order to ease the integration process of the employee. If the employees wish to reunite with their family, we help the families relocate to Germany to make sure that the employees aim for a long term stay in Germany.